Frame #ExhibitTitleFramesClassSociety
1-10World Rarities & Uniquities10Court of Honor
11-20German Intervention in China10Postal History
21-30British Empire Intervention in the Central Powers During World War I & Its Aftermath10Postal History
31-35Moldova - My Homeland5Maximaphily
36-40Walt Disney's First Superstar: Mickey Mouse5Display
41-48The First Four Decades of United States Railroad Contract Mails8Postal History
49-56Ernest Hemingway - A Most Interesting Man8Display
57-64America in 1909 - A Monthly Exploration of a Year that Was8Experimental
65-72Federal Issues of the Leeward Islands: King George V Reign8TraditionalBCPSG
73-80Monserrat: Postal History of a Caribbean Island8Postal HistoryBCPSG
81-88"Artists' Drawings, Essays, and Proofs of the 1948 Do'Ar Ivri Issue of Israel"8TraditionalSIP
89-96Newfoundland's Last Definitives: The Waterlow Printings8Traditional
97-104Foreign Postal Operations in the Holy Land 1852-19148Postal HistorySIP
105-114The Postal History of Bosnia-Herzegovina from 1842 to 191810Postal History
115-120Reuse Prevention and the U.S. Stamp Contract of 18776Traditional
121-123Hansom Cab 10.9 Cent Bulk Rate Coil Stamp - First Day of Issue3First Day Covers
124The British Main Line Military Railway Post Office in Europe in 19191One Frame
125-131JNF Fund Raising Cinderellas 1901-19487CinderellaSIP
132-134Hiram E. Deats - Philatelist & Collector Extraordinaire3Display
135-144Cattle and Man10Thematic
145-149"St. Louis Street Car Mail, 1892-1915"5Postal History
150-152"Essays, Trial Colors and Proofs during the Washington Franklin Period: 1908-1917"3Traditional
153Leeward Islands: Federal Judicial FEES Revenue Stamps1One FrameBCPSG
154Golf Greens and Putting on Picture Postcards1One Frame
155-162How We Got Men to the Moon8Astrophilately
163"Estonia Stamp Centenary Commemorative, 1940"1One Frame
164Domestic Usages of the 1861 One-Cent Issue1One Frame
165-170The Bahamas Post to 19356TraditionalBCPSG
171-173Postage Due of the Mandate Period3TraditionalSIP
174Baja California del Sur - 1915 Local Provisional Overprints and Coach Seal Issue1One Frame
175-179Porte de Mar5Traditional
180-184Walt Disney's Second Superstar: Donald Duck5Display
185-191'From Hill to Bickerdike'...The Victorian-Era Experimental Machine Postmarks of England 1857-19017Experimental
192Boston Negative Cancellations on Banknote Stamps1One Frame
193The National Bank Note Company's One Cent Issue of 18701One Frame
194"Honoring Old Glory! How to respect, care for and display our Nation's flag."1One Frame
195-204Federal Patriotic Stationery During the Civil War10Display
205-210SPUDS: Potatoes in the U.S. at the Turn of the Last Century6Advertising
211-212An Introduction to Golf Deltiology2Picture Postcard
213-214The American Library Association in World War I2Display
215-219Gombessa: The African Coelacanth Latimeria Chalumnae5Display
220-224Leeward Islands King George VI Definitives 1938-19545TraditionalBCPSG
225-234The 1938 Presidentail Issue - The Rates10Postal History
235-243"Wei Hai Wei, China, 1895-1949"9Postal History
244Chile's 1898 Postage Due Adhesives1One Frame
245-250"Persia: Rebellions, Occupations, & Interventions"6Experimental
251-253Customs Cancellations on U.S. Revenue Stamps of the Civil War Era3Revenue
254Mail Salvaged from the Sinking of the Kingstonain - April 19191One FrameSIP
255-260Postal History Featuring the 1861 United States 24-cent Adhesive6Postal History
261The Artist Tax Stamp & Cancel Varieties1Revenue
262'America-England' Ship-Letters 1749-1796 … Major British-Realm Ports-of-Entry1One Frame
263Airmail Stamps for the 1933 Italo Balbo Trans-Atlantic Flight1One Frame
264-266The Lutheran Reformation3Noncompetitive
 Total Accepted266 
 Northwest Stamp Club1Noncompetitive
 Park Forest Stamp Club1Noncompetitive
 Spring Hill Stamp Club1Noncompetitive
 Glen Ellyn Philatelic Club1Noncompetitive

British Caribbean Philatelic Study Group (BCPSG)
Society for Israel Philatelists (SIP)